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Terrapark – is more than offices, more than workplaces

tobb mint irodaTerrapark in Budaörs offers high quality offices and a quiet natural environment at the same time. This combination results in a better atmosphere and a better feeling for work. One of the most important advantages of Terrapark, as compared to downtown offices, is the lower rent and service charges. The high-level infrastructure, the pleasant location and direct access to/from the M1 and M7 motorways all contribute to the popularity of the Budaörs office park.

Office Park on 16 Hectares

The office park comprises 10 office blocks on an area of 16 hectares. It is 5 blocks of 30 buildings with more than 60,000 sqm of rentable office space that have already been completed. Another 4 blocks with 25 buildings are to be completed in the future, which represents a further rentable office space of 84,000 sqm. Tenants can park their cars safely and comfortably on the numerous surface parking lots and in the underground parking areas for rent and visitors can park in the streets free of charge.

An Office Park of Western-European Quality

Various categories of offices of different price level are awaiting tenants in Terrapark in Budaörs. The very first Hungarian office park of Western-European quality has been offering ideal working conditions in a green environment for nearly 20 years now.

The buildings are surrounded by beautiful inner gardens, fountains and streets decorated with special plants and trees. For those working here there are restaurants, cafés and sporting facilities within the park to relax after work. For doing their shopping, going to the post office or to the dry cleaner’s they do not have to travel far either. There are several shopping centres in the close vicinity of the park like the Auchan, Decathlon, Ikea, Media Markt, Tesco and Electro World just to mention some.

Terrapark Kft.

2040, Budaörs, Liget utca 3/2.

Telephone: +36 23 423 323 Fax: +36 23 423 324

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Budaörs is to be found only 5 minutes from the capital, but it still lies far from the busy, noisy downtown, in green surroundings, amongst the groups of the Buda Hills. Budaörs is perfectly easy of access thanks to the neighbourhood of the motorways. The town infrastructure is of high level, all services are available here. And the sights of Budaörs are really pleasant.

The Owners

The owners/developers, the Munich based Terrafinanz GmbH & Co. KG and h & h GmbH founded their subsidiary Terradom Kft in 1990. Their aim was to build up the first Hungarian office park on the basis of the Western-European model. One of the most important tasks was to find the perfect place for the project, fulfilling all the required conditions. So it was that they chose Budaörs. The town has undergone an unbelievable change and development in the last 15-20 years. The town of Budaörs was more than happy to welcome the settlement of multinational companies with its favourable local conditions. This meant the birth of Terrapark, a unique gem of the office real estate market, which is still open for new tenants in new buildings.